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A couple living in a tiny house truck with a passion for travel and adventure and a love for photography!

Meet Handsome Hank

Meet Handsome Hank :

Our M923A2 Tiny House Truck Conversion

Transitioning to Tiny House Living has been a dream of ours for several years now. In October of 2019 we made our dream a reality when we had the unique opportunity to purchase a military truck turned tiny house.

There are several reasons we wanted to go tiny, the biggest is that we no longer wanted to allow our possessions to own us. We wanted to own our home free and clear, and we wanted more time and money to enjoy experiences rather than things. The transition to tiny living hasn't been entirely easy: from parting with 80% or more of what we own, to learning to co-exist in 160 square feet we've definitely had our challenges. But the decision to lessen our footprint and control our output has been one we haven't regretted!

Details on Hank:

  • First off, we can't take credit for Hank. We purchased the truck from our brother-in-law who had already converted it - Hank was his brain child. We have however since made a ton of renovations and customizations to update him and make him more practical for full time living.
  • Hank is a 1990 BMY Harsco M932A2 5 ton truck with a tiny house built on the back.
  • Total living space is approximately 160 square feet.
  • Dry weight of the truck is 21,000 lbs., after the home was added he weighed in at 25,820 lbs. We have since put in bamboo flooring, a mattress, a wood mini wood burning stove, etc. so we imagine he's well over 26,000 lbs to date.
  • Hank has a duel fuel Cummins engine, an automatic transmission and a central tire inflation system. 
  • He has a small kitchen with a few cabinets, an 18" x 23" sink and an adjustable sprayer faucet, both from Zline Kitchen. He has an airfyer /convection oven and an induction burner for cooking. We use a Dometic refrigerator freezer unit for our cold food.
  • He has an instant hot water system that we've struggled with but will figure out at some point.
  • He comes equipped with a full bathroom including a working shower, sink, and composting toilet.
  • Hank runs off of both 12V and 120V power. We have yet to install solar but thankfully he has full RV hookups, so we're connected to shore power for now.
  • The loft area of Hank is small, but large enough for a queen size mattress, a couple of shelves and our TV.
  • We have a very small pantry, a closet, and storage for shoes under the stairs.
  • Hank can carry 40 gallons of on-board water and has a 35 gallon grey water tank as well. He has a 12 volt water pump for use when not connected to city water.
  • We have two ceiling vents - a manual vent above the loft, and an electric fan vent in the bathroom.
  • We have a window air conditioner unit, an oil space heater, and a Cubic Mini wood burning stove.

If you'd like to follow along on our adventures in our tiny house on wheels, you can find us on Instagram: @HomeIsWhereHankIs

 Interior photos:

Home Is Where You Park It


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